Monday, February 12, 2007

Student Workers

Ah, to be a poor student worker. I'm not talking about monetarily, I'm talking about the semi-abusive bosses that they have to deal with. Lazy secretaries with no ambition or talent to train, the supervisor who leaves them working 'til 9pm mailing out his stuff when he takes off at 1pm for a "meeting" when a simple check of his day calendar indicates he'll be out golfing.

The mission of higher education is ultimately to provide students with the tools they will need to become successful later on in life. To graduate students who are set on making the world a better place. How can this happen, really, if their slight work experience is coming from within the university and these are the types of scenarios we're putting them in? I guess they'll graduate from school with degree in hand and knowing that if they work in a university system they can abuse the system like they were taught.

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